"Olive Green The Heart of Porter Township"

Porter Township Townhall
12828 McKay Street
Sunbury, Ohio 43074

Porter Township is one of the eighteen townships of Delaware County, Ohio, It is located in central Ohio northeast of Columbus Ohio. It has an area of about 25.8 sq. miles, and is home to about 1800 residents.

The former Sunbury Township, formed in 1808, contained the present townships of Harlem, Trenton, Porter, half of Berkshire and half of Genoa as well as Morrow County's Peru, Bennington, Lincoln and Harmony Townships. Slowly the different townships were set off with Genoa being the last to pull off from Sunbury.

Porter Township was organized between 1826 and 1827, exact date unknown. It was named after Judge Robert Porter, of Philadelphia, who received a patent for 4,000 acres of land in this township, from President John Adams to satisfy warrants for military service.

The first village or town in this township was Olive Green, and was laid out in 1835, followed by East Liberty. The village of Peerless, in northeastern Porter Township has mostly disappeared.

The first settlement in this township was made by squatters, known as "Taways" as early as 1807. A number of families settled on this section before the war of 1812 and were from English, Dutch and Irish nationalities.

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